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"Arli Liberman is a master at creating powerful and

thought-provoking textural soundscape worlds. He

has crafted a completely unique sound, and as a

screen composer, I consider myself very lucky to have

Arli onboard projects with me. His style lends itself

incredibly well to film and documentary scores."

Rhian Sheehan



"Arli has a musical talent that very few have or even

understand. His ability to transport us to a deep

place and keep us there is both profound and

healing. His music creates worlds that we want to

stay in. When we are there we feel expanded and

connected to something special in us. His music has

added a dimension to our work that I can no longer

imagine it with out it."

Jonni Pollard

Creator of 1 Giant Mind


"Arli has been creating pretty much all of the music &

sound design for Clairobscur’s film based work this

past few years. What first drew me to work with him

was the scale, the magnitude of his compositions and

sound pallet. It brings the audience into a much wider,

emotional, sensorial and philosophical world.

His sound has the quality to open perspectives. Arli

is also a very versatile and skilled musician that can

play many instruments which I very much value. I

often notice a lack of skills in this digital era. Finally,

analogue sounds meet a true performance is such a

delight for me to work with and definitely my favourite."

Jen Raoult

Creative Director & Founder of Clairobscur

“I’ve worked with Arli on several projects now and will continue to collaborate with him. He is a generous artist, who considers a projects' needs very deeply. There is nothing superficial about his work or process and I trust in his ability to connect with story (and people) – he has an empathy that is essential for film.


I love that he is able to respond immediately to an edit and interpret the story with his musical genius! It’s also just a lot of fun to work with him. There’s been a couple of projects where we needed a fast turnaround and he was able to do that. Other times we’ve had the ability to spend more time on things – which is also a pleasure. I can’t recommend him enough as a composer.” 

Jessica Sanderson

Director & Editor

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